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Getting fast fast in motorsports using data

In this post, I talk about how to get fast fast using data. Anybody can get reasonably fast with a little time and effort. For most drivers, this a year or two. However, as with any craft, the last 10% is what separates the really good drivers from the so-so drivers. Using data will help you […]

Electric car straight talk – Part 2

will start by getting right to the point and offer pearls of wisdom regarding electric car ownership. Even though we drive a Nissan LEAF, what I’m about to share applies to electric cars in general. Electric charge stations are just like copy machines — they let you down when you need them most. It’s very common […]

Electric car straight talk – Part 1

hinking about getting an electric car? If so, you’re in luck because I’m here to tell you what it’s like to live with one, and I also dispel some common misconceptions. You’ll get an unbiased view because while I believe the electric car is the future, we’re still away off before the electric car can […]

Getting started in road racing

I didn’t start sport driving and road racing until my 30s and if I could go back in time I’d almost certainly start sooner. It’s an exciting lifestyle that challenges you on many levels and connects you with great  people. I started driving cars since before I had a license. My first experience driving a […]

XML, JSON, ProtoBuff serialization performance compared

I’ve been using protobuf-net with good success in serialize objects where performance and compact data representation are primary goals for transmission over cellular data and storage on mobile devices. However, I’m expanding my efforts x-platform and want am reevaluating my choice in this context to identify any pitfalls. App design considerations where serializer selection is […]

Video VBOX installation

I just finished installing a Video VBOX Lite system in my car and am happy be driving my car again! It’s been 3 weeks since I started the project with 3-4 days of actual time spent. The biggest time sink was routing a microphone to the rear bumper which isn’t necessary but should make for […]

Powder coating versus painting aluminum wheels

I recently purchased a car that came with factory painted red wheels. Not my taste but I wasn’t going to let that stand between me and an otherwise perfect car. The Internet told me I should powder coat the wheels because it results in a more durable finish, but I did some research — and thinking […]